What is the YouTube Community Guideline? Ways to avoid it Episode-02

What is the YouTube Community Guideline? Ways to avoid it Episode-02

I discussed some of the issues in the YouTube Community Guideline Strike in a previous post. Those who have not read the previous post can read it . So let's not forget the other aspects of the YouTube Community Guidelines.

Violent and dangerous content:
1. Violent behavior against anyone, sexual behavior, child abuse, violent attitudes towards children cannot be used in the video.
2. You can't use pranks, bomb making, hacking, bypassing, torturing your own body, torturing, treating, using drugs, eating disgusting food, indulging in violent events, etc. that can harm people.
3. Violent attitudes or lies cannot be told against anyone in the video.
4. Cannot promote any type of criminal / criminal organization.

Illegal Product Promotion:
You cannot promote any kind of illegal product in your video (e.g. apps, website and any product etc.).

• Wrong information:
1. The title thumbnail and the video should not be used in any dangerous way.
2. Cannot use any kind of election based misinformation.
3. Can't use any kind of misinformation about coronavirus.
4. Cannot use any kind of misinformation about vaccines.
5. Cannot use any information that goes against state law.

We hope you find this article useful.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.

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