What is web hosting? And learn how it works

What is web hosting? And learn how it works

Those of us who have websites must be familiar with domain and hosting. Because it is not possible to create a website without domain and hosting.

I was discussing domain in a previous post, so today I will discuss hosting. So let's find out.

What is Hosting?
Hosting is basically a server, sometimes called a web server. Where your website's images, videos, files and other information are stored.

Where your files are stored all the time (24 hours / 365 days).

কিভাবে How Hosting Works:
When you create a website you will have a separate public IP for your website. That IPT is the main address of your website.

However, with that IT you can add one or more specific domains for your website.

When someone searches by typing in your website address, your web address will be converted to an IP address and taken to your website's server (on hosting). Where your website contains images, videos, files and other information.

Search engines and browsers will do this. The search engine will find the information about the topic that a user wants to know about in the hosting of your website. And will deliver that information to that user as soon as it is received.

I have discussed search engine and DNS in detail in the DNS article . Please read a little from there, then you will understand better.

Hope you understand web hosting completely. If you have any questions you can let us know in the comments. I will try to answer, inshallah.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.

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