What is software piracy? Learn more about the ways and disadvantages of avoiding software piracy

What is software piracy? Learn more about the ways and disadvantages of avoiding software piracy

Those of us who are mobile or computer users must be familiar with the word software or application.

Software is playing an important role in our daily lives. We constantly use different types of software for different purposes. Such as: Facebook, Messenger Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Emo etc.

There is some software that we have to buy and use. But we did not buy them. I download and use the software from various piracy websites. So let's take a look at the complete information about software piracy.

What is software piracy?
There are some software between mobile and computer that the company provides us for free (eg: Facebook, Messenger etc.) and there are some software that we have to buy (eg Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc.). But we do not buy them and use them by cracking, basically this is called software piracy. This means using their software without permission.

Every software company legally licenses their software. As a result, only that company will own the software. No one else will be able to modify the software without their permission.

But we use various hacking tools to crack the paid software. This is causing a lot of loss to the software companies.

কেন Why don't software companies do anything ??
Many people think that the software of the company we use is cracked, they may not know. Basically but they have your complete data. Then why don't they do something?

Remember the whole world is now the age of competition. The number of people cracking software is much higher than the number of people buying and running software all over the world. Now, if all the companies continue to ban users who run software cracks, then their number of users will be greatly reduced.

This will reduce their market share.

ক্ষতি Disadvantages as a result of software piracy:
1. There is a possibility of computer or mobile being hacked.
2. Your personal data is likely to be stolen.
3. Someone else will be able to access your mobile or computer.
4. If you give your banking information or social media account information to crack software, then they are more likely to be hacked.

উপায় Ways to avoid
software piracy: Do not use crack software to avoid software piracy. And if you have to use it, then you must download and use it from a trusted website (eg: getintopc etc.).

And buy and use the software that costs less. And of course, it is best not to use cracked software on any device that contains your important information.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.

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