What is off page SEO? And learn how to do it

What is off page SEO? And learn how to do it

What is off page SEO? And learn how to do it

Off-page SEO, like on-page SEO, is very important for ranking a website. Off-page SEO is very important if you want your article to rank quickly. We learned in a previous post how to do on page SEO. Those who have not seen the previous post, can come and see. So let's start without further ado.

What is off page SEO?
There is no specific definition of off-page SEO. But be aware that the things you do outside of your website (such as link building, etc.) to get your website ranked will fall into off-page SEO. There are a number of ways to do off-page SEO that will help you get a better idea of ​​off-page SEO.

So let's just say we don't know about them.

Blog Commenting:
There are some questions and answers websites online. There you will be able to link to your website in Q&A. This is also off-page SEO.

Forum Posting:
There are some websites and social media through which various articles can be written. In that article you can give a link to your website, which will be considered as off page SEO.

Document submission

There are many websites that upload documents. Or by uploading documents to a YouTube channel or website, you can also do SEO with a link to your website in that document.

• Guest Posting:
On popular web sites, you can do guest posting, write one or more articles and do SEO with a link to your website there.

Video Submission:
You can do SEO by showing the link of your own website in the videos of popular channels on YouTube or other video send platforms.

Social Sharing:
You can do SEO through various social media (such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) by posting links to your website.

Backlinks: On
popular web sites you can do off page SEO with links to your website. Or you can do SEO by creating backlinks through someone.

Apart from this there are many more ways to do off page SEO. I just shared the techniques that will be easy for you.

In a nutshell, off-page SEO includes everything you do outside of your website to get your website banking.

Remember, before giving a link to your website to another website, read the rules of that website.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.

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