What are the YouTube Community Guidelines? Ways to avoid it Episode-01

What are the YouTube Community Guidelines? Ways to avoid it Episode-01

Each company follows its own rules, and YouTube is no exception. There are a total of two strikes on YouTube, the deadliest of which is the YouTube Community Guidelines strike. If a YouTuber eats Community Guidelines strikes on his YouTube channel, his YouTube channel may be ruined and his brother may shut down YouTube. So let's find out now from what causes the YouTube Community Guidelines strike.

Giving wrong information:
1. Many people write between the thumbnails and the title to make it interesting, but there is something else in the video. For this, community guideline strike may come. This means that your thumbnails and titles must match your video. Let a viewer see your titles and thumbnails, not anything else after entering the video.
2. Do not copy other channel titles, channel descriptions, video titles, video descriptions, etc. But these are not like YouTube. In addition, many people provide profile photos and cover photos of any big YouTuber on their channel, don't give them either. But even this can lead to community guideline strikes on your channel.
3. Do not provide inverted links in your video description. Such as: Pornography, Advertising Links (Clicking on a link where viewers can wait and then enter the original link), Direct Affiliate Links, Links to Viruses, Websites or Apps That Collect Customer Personal Data, etc.
4. Can't use extra bad language in video. Apart from this, you will not be able to use such language which will harm others. You can't insult anyone.
5. You can't put videos in your YouTube channel's playlist that violate YouTube's rules.
If you re-upload any content that has already been removed from YouTube, your channel may still have a community guideline strike.

Sensitive content:
1. Cannot upload any video of a child being abused or harmed.
2. Thumbnails do not contain any form of violent activity, sex, anything that would disturb anyone, vulgar language or abuse.
3. No sexual content can be used in the video.
4. In the video or in the thumbnail, nothing like suicide or suicide can be used.
5. Can't use any kind of bad language in the video. In addition, many videos show fights, no bad language can be used during those fights.

The article is too long. I will discuss other aspects of the Community Guidelines in the next post.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.

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What are the YouTube Community Guidelines? Ways to avoid it Episode-02

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