Learn how to secure your Facebook account or profile

Learn how to secure your Facebook account or profile

Facebook is updating their security day by day. But hackers often hack our Facebook profiles in various ways, stealing a lot of important information from us. So it is very important to keep our Facebook profile safe. Let's find out how to keep your Facebook profile completely secure.

• Use your correct information:
Many people use Facebook with fake information, then when your Facebook ID is disabled, then that ID can not be returned.

So always try to open an account on Facebook with the correct information. Make sure it matches your national identity card. By doing this, when your ID becomes disabled, you can appeal for the return of the ID to Facebook through your ID card.

Facebook Login:
There are many of us who login to our Facebook on our friends' mobiles, but later forget to log out. This is also the reason why your Facebook ID may be hacked. So all the time using Facebook on someone else's mobile, log it out immediately. If possible, remove it from the device.

And if you forget to login, then go to the device login option from your Facebook settings, then remove the device from which you forgot to login. Then you will be logged out of that device.

প্রবেশ Link access:
There are many links available when scrolling through Facebook. Or many of us message different types of links in Messenger at different times. So do not enter any link without knowing, it may hack your account.

• Two-step verification:
Always keep two-step verification on Facebook for extra security. This way, even if someone knows your username and password, they will not be able to access your account without the PIN of the text message sent to your mobile.

• Use of difficult passwords:
Passwords are very important to protect Facebook ID. So always try to use as hard a password as you can. However, do not forget yourself to use more difficult. Always use words, numbers and different characters in the password.

Password Sharing:
Do not share your Facebook password with anyone. If you have a hard password, write it down in a place where no one can see your password.

Use of Incognito Mode:
If you use Facebook on someone else's device, always use Incognito Mode. This will not save your Facebook login information.

Hide profile information:
Try to hide important profile information (eg: date of birth, year of birth, email and phone number). Because with these, it becomes much easier to hack your Facebook account.

Stay up to date with technology:
All technology companies, including Facebook, are updated frequently. So always try to keep yourself updated. In this way, if any new update of Facebook comes, you will know it easily.

Religious and political posts:
Do not post any contradictory posts about religion and politics on Facebook. Doing so can disable your Facebook account. But if there is anything to learn in the post, then you can. But there will be violence, don't post like this.

আইন State law:
Go against the state law on Facebook, do not go to any such post. By doing this, your Facebook account will be disabled, along with your jail.

If you follow these, you will be much safer on Facebook.

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.

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