Learn How To Protect Your YouTube Channel From Hacking / Protection of YouTube Channels

Learn How To Protect Your YouTube Channel From Hacking / Protection of YouTube Channels

YouTube is currently the world's largest online video sharing platform. Different content creators can use their own content to earn good amount of money through YouTube and become popular. The more popular the YouTube channel, the more likely it is to be hacked. So let's find out how to prevent your channel from being hacked.

• Use of hard passwords:
Always try to make the Gmail password that your YouTube channel is powered by hard. But give a password that you can remember or write down somewhere.

ব্যবহার Use of 2-Step Verification:
Turn on 2-Step Verification in your Gmail. Even if your password is hacked, no one will be able to access your Gmail without the PIN of your phone text message. This will protect your YouTube channel.

Access to YouTube channel with another e-mail:
Always hide the original email of your YouTube channel, do not show it to anyone. If you want, you can add another new email to your YouTube channel as a manager, through which you can manage everything of your YouTube channel.

This will keep your original email safe. And if for some reason your manager's email is also hacked, it will take one day to remove your original email. And in that one day you will be able to get your YouTube channel back.

Convert to Brand Account: Converts
you YouTube channel to Brand Account, add another email to it. And with that email you manage your YouTube channel. Which I said a little while ago.

Log in to another device: Avoid logging in
to your YouTube channel on another device or another person's device. And if you need to login, in that case you will login to the YouTube channel in "incognito mode". This will not save your login information.

Access to unknown links:
You will find many links online in different ways, refrain from entering those links. And if you need to enter, then enter the link with another device. Try accessing a device that doesn't have a YouTube channel login.

Before entering the link, you must verify the link.

Hope everybody understands. Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. God bless you.

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